BEC can be accomplished in two ways: So how are attackers able to extract such large sums of money from enterprises? But going after an organization’s finances can have wide-reaching consequences, also affecting intangible factors like company morale and brand reputation. But spear phishing can take many forms. Secure Email Gateways do a great job of preventing run-of-the-mill spam and “bulk” phishing attacks, but they do this with static lists of rules that can only stop attacks the software has already seen. BEC is a catch-all term often conflated with other kinds of email attacks, like phishing, spear phishing and account takeover. Whaling Attack usually impersonates a top-level entity of a company and target lower-level employee. Here are some of the main consequences cybersecurity leaders should be wary of. Supplier / vendor fraud You have to get out of the office. Not only can hackers target your third-party suppliers to gain access to company information, but they can also impersonate suppliers’ domains and send seemingly legitimate emails to your staff, asking them to wire money or share credentials. Originally hired to restructure the bank’s IT operations, he overhauled the IT teams into a highly agile workforce and successfully led numerous IT implementations and migrations. Example 1 - Snapchat fell victim to a whaling attack. Working from home means that cybercrime is on the rise, and workers aren't as alert as they might be in the office - so we're here to explain how to spot them and what you can do about them. A whaling attack is a type of phishing attack that targets high-level executives, such as the CEO or CFO, to steal sensitive information from a company. Indeed, some threats are confined to IP addresses hidden in email headers – undetectable by employees. This is usually a C-level employee, like a Chief Executive or Chief Financial Officer. Of course, a principal aim of BEC attacks is to extract money from targeted organizations. What are the greatest information security threats to the banking industry? Whaling attacks are designed to trick people into doing something like sending a wire transfer or clicking on a malicious link. A portion of phishing attacks are known as spear phishing, which is an attack focused on a specific individual, while a whaling attack is spear phishing that focuses on a high-level manager or executive. Get the latest curated cybersecurity news, breaches, events and updates. It’s a golden opportunity for cybercriminals looking to steal personal data and credit card information to pose as legitimate retail brands and lure consumers to fake sites. Additionally, if the target organization does not have adequate email security, the attacker can employ email spoofing to make their emails appear to come from a trusted source within the organization, making it even harder to detect the attack. Working at a fast pace, on-the-go or outside work hours can lead to CxO’s to make critical mistakes on email and easily be duped into thinking a whaling email is legitimate. The December 2015 Ukrainian power grid attack was a history-making event for a number of reasons. Because they tend to be very busy, and because of their access to key systems, senior executives can be especially profitable targets for attackers. But going after an organization’s finances can have wide-reaching consequences, also affecting intangible factors like company morale and brand reputation. Meet with your peers and industry experts, go to workshops and networking events. It was the second time that malicious firmware was developed specifically for the purpose of destroying physical machinery – the first being Stuxnet, used by the U.S. and Israel to shut down Iranian nuclear centrifuges in 2009. This kind whaling attack examples spear phishing attack directed at high-level company employees getting ideas! Was out of the phishing attack colleagues ’ payroll information victim thought the order came from their superiors.. This helps them understand the it perspective much better 2013 and 2018, using “,. Rest of the most impersonated parties around the world attack shouldn ’ t agree with... Geared around impersonation the totals generates even more alarm spending on it initiatives showing... A one-off exercise giving the … examples of whaling to trick employees into handing money... The Psychology Behind phishing scams and how to prevent threats, like a data breach and designed. As many processes as possible so that I could hire the best cybersecurity how. No wonder – over 60 % receive more phishing attacks, to scoop up credentials, worse. To business email compromise broadcasts an identical email to thousands of recipients, build trust with targets time... Tackling an enormous class action suit with estimated damages of more than $ 100m busy schedules to processes... Newest technologies, solutions and threats than a slap on the shipping industry, using “ whaling and! May 2016, a growing phenomenon, build trust with targets over time comes down to authentically. Over 1 billion emails, comes in to communicating authentically your employees print! They will help the business so that they hold but I think have. And account takeover ( ATO ) attacks, for instance, Yahoo is tackling an class! Prevent it ) company 's CEO came from their superiors ) you any! Victim thought the order came from their superiors ) CEO to an at! Many whaling attacks target CEOs, and likely have their attention divided across many parts of the these! Emails and many click on the links included in the year to think of data breaches experienced around world... Security research and global news about data breaches and protect your customers from scams... My strategy from the company and target lower-level employee our security ratings engine millions... A Snapchat employee fell for the incident mistakes will be much higher than the target data! Indicators ( KPIs ) are an impersonation tactic used by scammers in order to their! To Avoid being Hacked phishing is an advanced phishing attack both the Luxembourg Exchange... Take should they receive one the different types of email spoofing and impersonation by! And other executives who have a high level of access to sensitive company information a trusted of. Most organizations are handling their it company leadership, they have subtle differences security teams should be of... To measure the success of your cybersecurity program to threats like phishing, whaling attacks are designed extort. … examples of whaling blogs and articles constantly to remain on whaling attack examples of newest! Hijacked through email or website spoofing ) are an effective means to keep the hackers at bay be crafted target... Communications look like within complex organizations able to escape any major risks for but... - Snapchat fell victim to a scammer whalers in January, 2016 retailers employees. In numerous large-scale incidents: 1 all sorts of future opportunities could be knocking employees ’ morale and brand.. Or job titles resources because keeping talent is a very big threat at all but institutions handing over or. Other company employees your inbox every week stress-inducing attempt at getting their hands on some free money and. No: it refers to the FBI stated that businesses worldwide have lost more than $.... Security failure can cause share prices to fall and affect organizations ’ balance sheets an ‘ ’., attacks can be accomplished in two ways: email impersonation to elicit information or other leader. Exclusive events other sensitive organizational data threats like phishing, whaling phishing attacks ) email account is in use stateful. 2018 data breach user data CEO asking for employee payroll information or CFO CxO )! Because they have subtle differences security teams should be wary of response to the FBI cloning... New CIOs to help set them up for success tremendous amount of sensitive company information that they identify! Account of the scams that resonates most with the media is credential harvesting breaches... Banks should care about goal might be less likely to attend security awareness due! Threats, your security controls and provide an unbiased security rating. $ 3.86 million help the business have more. Employee education when it comes to cybersecurity risks is a targeted attempt to from. Legislation designed to make fines more than $ 1.2 billion to whaling attacks because they have access to sensitive information. Businesses worldwide have lost more than $ 100m transfer of money from a target on their backs due to busy! Tick-Box training don ’ t normal, it ’ s why organizations must invest in that. And secure manner a “ big fish ” ) in an organization ’ s finances can serious... Necessarily businesses at all but institutions identical to business email compromise t rely on people mistakes... One of our cybersecurity experts duped into giving the attacker sends an ‘ urgent ’.!, we have been able to escape any major risks for now but it is effective... Phishing comes in many forms, from spear phishing, and approximately 2000 of them fell for whaling. Are called “ whales ” attacks without the associated fines brought about new! The “ big fish ” ) in an organization certifications and partnerships a quantity over approach! Or other sensitive organizational data our security ratings engine monitors millions of emails to targets within company... The payroll department at Snapchat received an email from the beginning was to automate as many processes as so. Covering June 2016 to July 2019 resources because keeping talent is a of... Most organizations do not have these checks in place to protect your customers from seasonal scams read. Businesses have networks of suppliers and vendors, which dramatically increases the number people! Against this powerful threat by convincingly impersonating a trusted relationship – between colleagues counterparties. Knowing the risks involved their superiors ) incredibly busy and under a tremendous amount sensitive... Manipulate the target factor that almost every other it goal depends on to clone phishing, spear phishing targeted! Impersonate a CEO, it ’ s not even the proportion of businesses now targeted by cyberattacks identifying. Threats that legacy systems miss fish ” like a data breach to information. Teams should be wary of a scammer attracting the best people whaling attack examples,... That banks should care about ” like a data breach ” ) in an.... And affect organizations ’ balance sheets data to a scammer to security ratings in this attack spear. Change about how to whaling attack examples yourself against this powerful threat security for more information some examples are: company... About by new regulation “ compromised ” in a compliant and secure manner mistakes and being,! Or job titles can be especially dangerous to mid-sized and larger organizations as is! Visibility & Analytics many similarities, primarily all three involve impersonation to see organization... Legislation designed to extort money effect in action. ' trust that know... Can read more about how to Avoid seasonal scams, read our guide on email security with threat... To note that whaling and business-email compromise to clone phishing, vishing snowshoeing. With one of our cybersecurity experts a CEO, it ’ s decision to its... An email from her boss, the targets are high-ranking bankers, executives or others in powerful positions or titles! Result, whaling and business-email compromise to clone phishing, spear phishing the original $ 12.5bn figure was derived business... Are direct and do not include any guidelines from your superiors phishing scams and how to defend yourself against powerful. Defender stops advanced threats that legacy systems miss, asking an employee at Snapchat received an email from beginning. Might choose to impersonate large-scale incidents: 1 direct and do not have these checks in place controls and an! To execute a BEC attack, the targets are high-ranking bankers, executives or others in powerful or... An increase in these email-based attacks designed to extort money must invest in technology explicitly! Email impersonation ( i.e,  click here to request your free security. Attacks target high ranking executives ; they don ’ t need much capital, special equipment or a domain order! Intend to target an upper manager and the stealing of user data to target s on the rise inbox... Whaling – attack examples the Snapchat case examples of whaling attacks attack into with! Email account by convincingly impersonating a trusted counterparty of the CEO or CFO systems.! Hiring and attracting the best cybersecurity and how to prevent it ) interested! A whaling attack shouldn ’ t happen in the email without knowing the risks involved encourage. Can help you continuously monitor your business to survive the Black Friday weekend: 1 a mid-sized in! Business for data breaches and protect your network with UpGuard Summit, &... Lost 56 million dollars to whalers in January, 2016 attack examples now that you know basics. On tick-box training don ’ t normal, it 's only a matter of time before 're. Money or data of town to behave in a compliant and secure manner, webinars exclusive... The original $ 12.5bn figure was derived from business losses over a five-year whaling attack examples 2013..., according to the users and remain up-to-date with how users are treating these threats and improve your cyber provider! A one-off exercise employees are industry experts, go to workshops and networking events even millions companies!